After the campus conservative club at Sewanee requested permission to hang Young America’s Foundation’s widely-used 9/11: Never Forget Project posters, an administrator forbid them from doing so on the grounds the posters “[invoke] hate towards Muslims.”

The posters, which can be seen below, simply read “Never Forget,” and contain eight images of terrorist attacks from 1979 through the tragedy in Orlando last June.


Amir Kamrani, president of the conservative student group, inquired further as to why permission to hang the posters was denied. An administrator informed him his concerns were forwarded to Sewanee’s dean of students.

After receiving no further response from the university, the club proceeded to hang the posters anyway. They were promptly notified by an administrator that their club was indefinitely suspended, leaving them without the ability to schedule events or use school funding.

Leftists on campus across the country targeted these posters last week. Saddleback YAF caught a professor on camera ripping them off a building. Students at the University of Florida slapped “Love Trumps Hate” signs over the words “Never Forget.” At Occidental College, students threw flags from a 9/11: Never Forget memorial in the trash.

Thankfully, conservative campus activists across the country stood up for their values and helped their communities reflect on the lives lost to radical Islamic terrorism 15 years ago.