Students nationwide are finding themselves home from school, and self- quarantined from public during the outbreak of COVID-19. YAF is here to help you find ways to fill your time with conservative ideas–this time, with some of the best podcasts tackling today’s issues in the conservative sphere!

#10 For Life–feat. National Review’s Alexandra DeSanctis

For an unapologetic defense of the pro-life movement, this podcast highlights key issues in the ongoing debate about abortion in America.

#9 Livin’ The Bream–feat. Fox News’ Shannon Bream

Fox News’ chief legal correspondent shares stories of ongoing battles in the courts–perfect for any law or crime news junkie!

#8 The Guy Benson Show

Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson hosts big name newsmakers, media critics, and Fox News personalities on his podcast tackling the biggest cultural and breaking news of the day.

#7 Hashing it Out–feat. Washington Examiner’s Siraj Hashmi

The Washington Examiner’s commentary video editor and writer tackles the biggest news of the day, analyzing key power players and how we ended up where we are.

#6 Triggered–feat. Townhall’s Matt Vespa and Storm Paglia

This podcast is perfect for those looking for a non-politically correct take to today’s current cultural issues.

#5 The Daily–feat. Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter

The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter breaks down what today’s news and pop culture means for conservatives.

#4 Federalist Radio Hour

Hosted by the Federalist’s Ben Domenech, this podcast brings on key power players, journalists, authors, and more to discuss the day’s religion, culture, and political news.

#3 Louder with Crowder

Steven Crowder brings a comical take to the Left’s crazy antics, highlighting just the reason why conservatives should stand strong in the face of opposition.

#2 The Verdict with Ted Cruz

Featuring the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles, this podcast highlights Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s analysis of the impeachment of President Donald Trump–and examines just how far the Left is willing to go to get what they want.

#1 Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro Show, Michael Knowles Show, Andrew Klavan Show, and Matt Walsh Show

You’ve seen them on YAF campus lecture tours, and you can listen to their hot takes from the comfort of your own home! Shapiro, Knowles, Klavan, and Walsh tackle the most hot-button political issues of the day, answering questions from listeners and recounting their favorite YAF campus protests.