After they packed the houses for their campus debuts, President Trump’s first White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and host of Fox News Channel’s Watters’ World Jesse Watters have become the most recent additions to Young America’s Foundation’s campus lecture program.

YAF recently hosted Jesse Watters at Ithaca College and sponsored Sean Spicer’s debate with Howard Dean at Penn State University.

Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters currently serves as the host of Watters’ World (Saturdays, 8PM/ET) and co-host of The Five on Fox News Channel (FNC).  He joined the network in 2002 as a production assistant.

Jesse has been working with the top-rated cable news show, The O’Reilly Factor since 2003. He began hosting monthly specials in November 2015, which later progressed to a weekly program in January 2017.

Capitalizing on his original style, the weekly Watters’ World program is an extension of Jesse’s segments on “The Factor,” which showcase his popular man-on-the-street interviews and provide viewers a comedic look at the latest headlines. Jesse travels to different locations and quizzes individuals about politics, pop culture, and current events. Additionally, he features a rotating panel of commentators, debating on news of the day, as well as interviews with high-profile guests.

Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer

Everybody knows Sean Spicer. At least, polls show, they know his name and his trademark style behind the White House podium. But before the former White House Press Secretary made his mark as one of the most recognized staffers in the Trump administration, he built a decades-long career in the Conservative Movement, witnessing and shaping the inner workings of Washington, DC, from every vantage point–as a House of Representatives communicator, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, GOP chief strategist, top advisor to presidential campaigns, and, of course, White House spokesman. Few in Washington are as well-equipped as Sean to pull back the curtain and dissect what’s really happening in the nation’s capital.

Sean Spicer will speak for YAF in conjunction with WorldWide Speakers Group.


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