Schools Postpone Exams, Offer Counseling After Trump Victory

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton Tuesday night, leftist professors and administrators across the country are reacting as poorly as can be expected.

At Iowa State University, administrators created a “support space” for students upset by the results of the election.

A message sent to students Wednesday morning read, “After the election, students may wish to process, find support, or just find a space to unplug and decompress. Students are welcome to do so at the Multicultural Center in the MU from 8 am until 10 pm on Nov. 9. Staff will be available to offer support and talk to students individually or in small groups. The Student Counseling Center will provide counseling services for most of the day. All students are welcome to find comfort and support each other.”



In am email to students obtained by Young America’s Foundation, Professor John Snodgrass of the University of Michigan postponed an exam scheduled for this week because of the election.


Snodgrass wrote, “I’ve been receiving many emails in recent hours from students requesting to delay the exam due to associated serious stress.”

“With this in mind, and to give everyone a chance to do their best on the exam, and after consulting with our GSIs and Psychology Administration, I’ve decided to postpone Exam 2 one week,” Snodgrass continued.

In response, Young Americans for Freedom Chairman Grant Strobl, who also leads the YAF chapter at the University of Michigan told Young America’s Foundation, “As a college student, I enjoy postponed exams, however, I cannot imagine this exam being postponed if the other candidate had won.

Strobl continued, “By cancelling the exam due to ‘serious stress’ it implies that the ideas of one party are so ‘dangerous,’ that students are not able to study and take the exam. “