laurenmccuetraining`For the average college student the summer is a time to relax and lay out in the sun; however, for the members of Young Americans for Freedom chapters, the summer is the ideal time to begin mapping out their action plan to combat the Left when returning to school in the fall.

At YAF’s June Activist Training Seminar, the conference room was flooded with familiar, and new faces to the Conservative Movement who understand the importance of being active during the summer so they can be prepared to battle the Left in the fall.

Among the new YAF activists was Tim Kravechenko from the University of Pittsburgh. Before forming a YAF chapter Kravechenko was unsure how to effectively convey the message of traditional values to his peers.

“Before this seminar I only had experience in arguing with people who do not believe in conservative values. Now, because of this seminar, I am able to take the things I believe in strongly and articulate them in an organized way through my words and activism to oppose campus leftists,” Kravechenko noted.

Students who attended this seminar had the opportunity to learn from prominent leaders including: Bay Buchanan, President of the American Cause, Chris Bedford, Editor in Chief of The Daily Caller News Foundation, Jordan Lorence, Senior Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom and the Honorable Lee Liberman Otis of The Federalist Society, all of whom were broadcast live on C-SPAN.


Even experienced YAF members such as those in the Texas Christian University chapter were re-inspired to continue their activism after hearing Bay Buchanan speak on the importance of standing up for your beliefs.

“One of the biggest takeaways I had from this conference is when Bay Buchanan said ‘Leaders are no born, it is something you constantly have to work at.’ This is something important that we should all keep in mind, that we always need to be sharpening our skills and this conference really allows us to do that,” TCU member Ashley Sherman said.

“[Bay] said we needed to stop falling in line so much and speak out. I think this is the biggest things because conservatism is falling silent on our college campuses today and YAF way is the best way to promote it,” TCU member Mary Doyle added.

emily_jashinsky_training1Students also participated in interactive exercises that helped them learn how to problem solve when receiving push back from their university, how to fundraise, and how to effectively advertise their clubs and events in an appealing way. Students left the seminar energized to take their campuses by storm and secure knowing they have the support of the other two hundred YAF chapters around the country.

“Every person should hear what we have to say. YAF is the best way to grow your conservative values and is the most valuable resource for students on college campuses.” said Saddle Back College’s Kyle Chiu.

If you too are interested in being apart of the Conservative Movement, register for one of the many conferences that are available for high school and college students to attend this summer.