The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Santa Clara University has finally received official recognition from their university, months after being blocked three times by the school.

In a letter obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation, the Vice Provost announced her decision to reverse her original decision and approve the chapter as a Registered Student Organization.

“Over the course of the summer, I reviewed all of the materials again, as well as my notes from meetings with student leaders at the end of the term,” Jeanne Rosenberger wrote. “Although there were several reasons given for why some ASG senators voted against recognizing YAF, my further review led me to a different conclusion than was communicated in June.”

After being denied approval by the Student senate two times last spring, the chapter decided to appeal the two denials to the Vice Provost of santa Clara University. Jeanne Rosenberger again denied the YAF chapter recognition in June, claiming that there was no ideological bias in the student senate’s decision, despite the senators claiming that YAF causes “emotional harm” and calling YAF speaker Ben Shapiro “Islamophobic.”

“This is a landmark stand against the Student Senate’s intolerance, dishonesty and anti-Semitism,” said SCU YAF Chairman Quinn Eibert. “Santa Clara is once again the bastion for free speech that we all know it to be. I’m grateful that we’re allowed to have a place on this campus. I’m excited for students to learn what YAF is really all about.”