Leftist administrators at Santa Clara University have rejected the recognition of a  YAF chapter for a third time, while claiming there was no ideological bias in the decision.

The Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Santa Clara University has been blocked from recognition for a third time. After two rejections by the student senate, an appeal request was filed to the Vice Provost, attempting to overturn the decision. The request to the Vice Provost resulted in the administration refusing to overturn the student senate’s decision, thus not allowing the Young Americans for Freedom chapter official recognition by the school.

The letter from the Vice Provost, obtained by Young America’s Foundation, states that the administrators found no possible ideological bias on part of the senators.

“In your request for intervention, you alleged that ASG’s denial of recognition was based on YAF’s political opinion. I reviewed the record and found that the record is insufficient to establish that the denial of recognition was based on YAF’s political opinion. As a result, I have chosen not to intervene. My decision to not intervene with respect to the May 23rd decision is made without prejudice.”


While the Vice Provost claims that no bias from the student senate played a role in the denial of recognition, the evidence would seem to disagree.

Several of the senators who made claims like Ben Shapiro, a YAF speaker, as “islamophobic,” and that YAF causes “emotional harm” to the LGBTQ community, have a history of liberal activism. It is impossible to determine that their ideological beliefs did not sway their decision to block the conservative student group.

Raul Orellana, the senator who claimed YAF harms the LGBT community, gloated on social media when a fellow student mocked a conservative group for not getting approved, and having their property damaged, just days after voting to block the YAF chapter for the first time in April.

Another senator heavily critical of YAF, Hiwad Haider, who labeled Ben Shapiro as “one of the most Islamophobic people,” is a March for Our Lives activist, and has led a Resistance rally.

Without official recognition, the YAF chapter cannot secure funding, reserve rooms for events, or host outside speakers.

The Vice Provost advised the YAF leaders that they are welcome to go in front of the Senate in the fall to try and get recognition (for the third time). Surely that will have a different outcome, right?

Conservative students at Santa Clara are being silenced by leftist students and administrators who are too scared to allow differing viewpoints at the one place where intellectual debate and discussion should be most valued- the college campus.

YAF is continuing to monitor the situation at Santa Clara.

For additional information or to request an interview contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via sbrown@yaf.org or 800-872-1776.