The intolerant Left clearly felt threatened in their own backyard this week as conservative students from around the country converged on YAF’s Reagan Ranch Center to walk in our 40th President’s footsteps at his beloved Rancho del Cielo and learn from leading conservatives. 

After students arrived on Wednesday night, signs were posted outside the hotel in downtown Santa Barbara where YAF students and staff are staying during the sold-out conference. 

“FUCK OFF, YOUNG REPUBLICANS” declared one pathetic sign, put up by someone whose relationship with the truth is apparently strained—Young America’s Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit, non-partisan organization.

“THE G.O.P. IS A GROUP OF RACIST PEDOPHILES.” said another placard posted alongside a sign that proclaimed, “FUCK TRUMP AND EVERY IDIOT THAT LOVES HIM.” 

These signs were followed by two more posters stapled to a tree on Thursday night:

“TONIGHT ON FOX NEWS: WHITE SUPREMACY IS OK!!! Are we safe around all of these minorities? Also blah blah blah Hillary Clinton,” and “ARE YOU A GULLIBLE MORON? JOIN THE G.O.P. TODAY!!!

The real racists are of course the ignorant leftists who believe minorities cannot be conservatives or are incapable of succeeding without help from big government. 

Betraying their inability to make cogent arguments, the Left turns to baseless ad hominem attacks in yet another feeble attempt to silence conservative voices. Young America’s Foundation sees these tactics used against conservative students on high school and college campuses, and now outside hotels where young people are seeking to learn conservative ideas.

The students attending this weekend’s conference are here to learn more about our shared ideas, but even now they have to put up with the classless and cowardly Left’s harassment. While intolerant liberals continue their ignorant blathering, the next generation of conservative leaders are busy being equipped and empowered to boldly advance freedom’s principles when they return to their high schools this fall.