UPDATE: Campus Leftists Prove Point of YAF’s Funeral for Halloween

After national media attention was drawn to an email sent to students at Saint Mary’s college, students proved exactly why YAF started the “Funeral for Halloween.”

Here are some of the responses from grown adults when their own intolerance is pointed out:



Some leftist students completely missed the point, complaining that YAF Chairwoman Clare McKinney “has nothing better to do than complain about things she doesn’t like,” apparently forgetting that her chapter’s activism project is a response to unhinged leftists whining until Halloween is buried six feet deep.

“Free speech should not enable anyone to be racist or disrespectful,” says another who apparently needs a refresher on the First Amendment.

“Holding a ‘Funeral for Halloween’ is pathetic.,” writes a student who seems to be blind to the actually pathetic fact that SJWs are shaming parents, students, and fun-loving Americans parents for daring to buy Moana and Elsa costumes.

Liberal intolerance of an event highlighting the Left’s destruction of Halloween fun is exactly why bold YAF activism is needed to draw attention to the ridiculous actions of social justice warriors on campus today.

In an all-student email sent on October 24 by a staff assistant in the political science, sociology, and justice education departments, Saint Mary’s notified its delicate pupils that, due to the rampant cultural appropriation that surrounds Halloween, a seminar would be held to educate these grown adults on the finer points of a respectable observance of October 31.

“Halloween, which originated with people dressed in costume to ward off evil spirits, has morphed into a day that celebrates all kinds of creative self-expression,” the email begins.

The message continues to explain Halloween rather condescendingly: “It means not only do people dress up as witches and monster, but also as one another. This is where things get complicated, and why you keep hearing the term ‘cultural appropriation’ in the news.”

What’s a conscientious snowflake supposed to do when Halloween has been turned into a microaggression free-for-all? St. Mary’s has the answer:

“So Join Us on Friday, October 27th, from 12-1pm in the Student Center Conference Rooms A & B to learn more about Cultural Appropriation & Halloween and how it affects you at Saint Mary’s and the world around you.”

The accompanying poster is a real doozy, proclaiming “WE’RE A CULTURE, NOT A COSTUME.”

“When this is how the world sees you, it’s just not funny,” reads the subtitle.

This attempt to ruin Halloween, where the whole point is to dress up as something you’re not, is unfortunately not a joke. Liberals have taken the Merry out of Christmas and the thanks out of Thanksgiving, so it’s no surprise they’ve set their sights, disappointingly, on another innocent occasion for fun.

Fortunately, bold Young Americans for Freedom activists at Saint Mary’s are ready to push back against the Left’s laughable attack on their Halloween festivities.

“Our YAF chapter will be standing up for our right to self expression and free speech and condemning this wave of political correctness on October 31st,” says Chairwoman Clare McKinney. “You can find us on the quad handing out obituaries for Halloween, because after all, it’s been killed by the Left.”

McKinney continued, reflecting on what Halloween means for her campus:

“As a senior, I can tell you that Halloween has always been one of the most looked forward to weeks of the year! But this year there’s a different tone on campus.

The Left has overtaken what used to be a fun holiday and turned it into a tool for their politically correct divisive agenda. Today the women of Saint Mary’s College received a campus wide e-mail detailing how dressing up for Halloween can get “complicated” and that the sociology and justice departments are hosting an event on “cultural appropriation.”

Newsflash for leftists at Saint Mary’s and schools around the country: It’s ok to have fun on Halloween.

You can get a sample obituary for Halloween and instructions on how to properly mourn the death of the holiday on your campus here, and if your school has jumped the left shark costume and overreacted to this year’s observance of Halloween, drop us a tip here!