I will grow antennas not horns.”

I believe nobody is wrong, they are only different.”

I will transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness.”

I will label bottles, not people.”

– KU Safe Zone Pledge

Safe Zone training programs can be found on college campuses across the country. But the name, “Safe Zone,” is as much of a misnomer as the departments that host them. Cloaked under the auspices of “diversity,” and “inclusion,” university administrators are actively fostering an environment that is completely intolerant to conservative and Christian beliefs.

According to materials YAF uncovered through its Censorship Exposed! project, Safe Zone training participants, at the University of Kansas, are encouraged to take The Allies Pledge proclaiming that “nobody is wrong, they are only different,” and promising to “interrupt the world when its thinking becomes ignorant.” But what do they mean by “interrupt” and what do they mean by “ignorant?”

For the University of Kansas, and numerous other schools that provide similar Safe Zone training programs, tolerance is antithetical to civility. The charge to “interrupt” thinking that is subjectively perceived as “ignorant” is a charge to silence those with whom one disagrees.

Last year, on multiple occasions, a mob of leftist protestors “interrupted” the KU YAF chapter meeting by shouting down the YAF members with obscenities and claims of “white fragility” and “privilege.” A KU researcher even went to Twitter to publicly call the KU YAF chapter chair a “mother******” and a “garbage human being.”

YAF is seeing increasingly violent “interruptions” at schools across the country. At Berkeley, students rioted. At California State University, Los Angeles, students created a human barricade to prevent their peers from even entering the lecture hall. At the University of Wisconsin, students stormed the stage. At Cañada College, for thirty-minutes students chanted “bigot,” “fascist,” and “homophobic,” drowning out a Jewish Rabbi’s presentation on the morality of capitalism.

The prescribed trigger for “interrupting” is perhaps even more startling. Safe Zone training encourages students, faculty, and staff to “interrupt” thinking that is deemed “ignorant” by leftist standards. For example:

  • When one questions the use of ve, ze, zir, hir, xyr, vis, xem, and xe as pronouns.
  • When one prefers the separation of restrooms and locker rooms on the basis of biological sex; and
  • When one objects to being labeled as an oppressor (and a beneficiary of “privilege”) based solely on his or her gender or skin color.

Safe Zone training is leftist propaganda. (See the gender unicorn, discussion on the intersectionality of privilege and oppression, instructions on how to be an ally, pages of labels/terminology, and pronoun training.)

Taxpayer funded institutions should not be training students to shout obscenities, accusations of privilege, and to engage in acts of violence toward those with differing beliefs. This behavior not only chills speech, it transforms universities into homologous echo chambers depriving students of the opportunity to explore issues and to think critically. Diversity of thought is a good thing, especially in colleges and universities. Administrators should encourage students to make better arguments, not to silence their dissenters through intimidation.

For further information or to cover YAF’s Censorship Exposed project, contact Spencer Brown by phone (800-872-1776) or email (sbrown@yaf.org).