Saddleback College has blocked its Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter’s scheduled 9/11 Never Forget Project.  According to Kyle Chiu, the Vice-Chair of Saddleback College YAF, the school is creating bureaucratic roadblocks to impede the chapter from creating their display.

However our YAFers have another plan:

“As of this morning our school has officially canceled our 9/11 Never Forget Activism Project. This unjust act of bureaucracy shall not stand. Before the school shut us down we were planning to do the project on Monday 9/12. We have decided to go ahead anyways against the wishes of the school. We will be planting our flags tomorrow morning at 5am before classes start. The school will not see this coming and will likely be blindsided. Because of this advanced time table I would like to ask all local chapters to assist us by lending their manpower to this event. Help us preserve the memory of the people lost 9-11. Thank you for any support you can offer.”

We are investigating this further.  Stay tuned for updates.