Over 1,000 attendees had a great time at Ben Shapiro’s University of Michigan YAF-sponsored lecture last night–except for a girl dressed as a clown who found herself in a pair of handcuffs by the end of the night.

Shortly before the event was about to begin, the individual attempted to enter the venue with a backpack. Upon inspection, security personnel discovered a large bag containing dozens of frozen condoms.

Though the girl did not reveal her plans, presumably, the only reason someone would freeze condoms is to make them more solid and rigid to be used as projectile-throwing objects. Officers disposed of the condoms and allowed the clown to enter the venue. 

Just as she was lining up to ask Shapiro a question, she was pulled into the hallway by police and placed under arrest. At some point during the first half of the event, the individual allegedly vandalized the men’s restroom, writing, “BEN SHAPIRO GOT POUNDED IN HERE” on a wall.


“These events attract all kinds of attention, so one thing that makes it exciting is that you never know what kind of weirdness you’re going to get,” Charles Hilu, chairman of Young Americans for Freedom at UMich, told the New Guard.

According to the university police department’s Deputy Chief Melissa Overton, the individual was released from custody last night pending further investigation. Overton declined to provide Young America’s Foundation with the suspect’s first and last name. YAF will continue to monitor this case for updates.