As the global coronavirus pandemic forces millions to adjust their lives, one thing has remained constant: leftist academics and their tenuous relationship with facts.

At Rutgers University in New Jersey, Brittney Cooper—an associate professor in the school’s department of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies—has failed to rise to the occasion in our trying times. Rather than working to help people she claims to speak for, she lashes out on Twitter with profane tweets that have no basis in reality.

“Fuck each and every Trump supporter,” she wrote in a thread stating those who support President Trump “are to blame” and “absolutely” caused coronavirus deaths in the US. She also issues the bizarre allegation that those seeking a return to (perhaps new) normalcy are part of “a gross necropolitical calculation that it is Black people who are dying disproportionately from COVID.”

Now, I’m not a doctor—neither is Cooper—but facts are facts and they’re readily available and, at this point, generally accepted. Among these truths is the reality that coronavirus, COVID-19, “WuFlu,” or whatever you want to call it came from China—Americans had no role in unleashing this virus on the world. Cooper’s anger would be better directed at China’s communist government for its role in obfuscating what they knew about coronavirus early on. Far more blame lies with totalitarian goons in Wuhan and Beijing than anyone in this country.

Origins aside, coronavirus has spread quickly through many parts of the United States. Why did this spread happen? Perhaps it was Nancy come-on-down-to-Chinatown Pelosi, who encouraged residents of San Francisco to continue going about their normal public lives. Or maybe it was Bill go-out-to-eat de Blasio, who told New York City residents to dine out as usual, despite evidence the virus had already begun its rampage through New York.

I’m quite positive neither Pelosi nor de Blasio count themselves among the President’s supporters. And I’m willing to hazard a guess that a majority of the spring breakers in Florida earlier this spring and beachgoers in California last weekend wouldn’t either. And certainly, none of those who have contracted and subsequently acted as carriers for coronavirus did so as part of a larger plot to kill black people.

As for the claim that calls to reopen our country are similarly part of a racist conspiracy, the facts just aren’t there. The roster of state and local leaders—including California’s governor and Washington, DC’s mayor—who have convened committees or announced timelines for reopening show that the desire to get Americans back to work is a bipartisan desire.

While it is inane to blame an ideology—which coronavirus knows not and cares not about—there is evidence to show that those on the Left took action that ultimately jeopardized lives by downplaying the threat of coronavirus as it took hold in communities across the country.

What’s more, shouldn’t every American want to see the President and his team succeed in their efforts so that more lives can be saved, economic damage can be limited, and things can return to normal as quickly as possible? If these goals are what we all desire, aren’t all of us then supporters of President Trump’s and his administration to some degree?

Professor Cooper is another symptom of what higher education has become, and an example of those who fill administration buildings and classrooms across the country. Rather than rising to confront challenges or gathering and disseminating facts to help the students under their care, too many professors let feelings get in the way. Feelings that lead those like Cooper to further divide people, treat some as less than due to their beliefs, and advance conspiratorial views. As usual, the solutions she leads unwitting students toward is one of absolutist government control, the same type of system that allowed coronavirus to escape Wuhan and unleash this devastation in the first place.