Rove at Rhodes CollegeThe new year began with Foundation speakers reaching hundreds of students on college campuses. Rhodes College activist Clark Wise worked tirelessly to host a conservative speaker through his school’s lecture board. Working with Young America’s Foundation, he was able to receive funding to host Karl Rove. For a school of only 1,600, Rove’s speech drew a standing-room-only crowd of more than 500 students and community members eager to hear Rove’s remarks.

Clark reflects on the success of the event:

In the end, the event has been described by some of the trustees in attendance as perhaps the single most successful event at Rhodes College.  We were hoping for 450 people, and campus safety estimated that there were over 500 in attendance. For all the [school] president’s concern about negative fallout in bringing an “unapologetic conservative ” to a liberal arts college, the feedback has been  tremendously positive.  I have personally had notes from trustees, professors, alumni, and students-all overwhelmingly supportive and complimentary, and generally amazed that Rhodes was able to “host” a speaker such as Mr. Rove.  I’ve even heard that other colleges have called asking how Rhodes managed such an impressive feat! I love it!

Dinesh D’Souza spoke to another packed hall at Colorado State University-Pueblo. Nicky Damnia, the director of student activities reported that Mr. D’Souza’s lecture was the largest attended event so far this year.  

Finally, author Humberto Fontova spoke to eager students at Arkansas State University on the lies spread by the media about Che Guevara. He also addressed several classes during his visit. He was pleased to present to ASU, saying that college students are often naive on the subject of Guevara’s story.  “That’s why I get so much enjoyment” speaking to students. He also said that “It was great not to see any Che t-shirts on campus.”

If you would like to host one of these speakers on your campus, please consider attending this event or contact us!


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