Lecture Series to Introduce Thousands to Conservatism, Provide Balanced Education

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) is excited to announce a new lecture series sponsored by Robert and Patricia Herbold to ensure students receive a balanced education—not just leftist lessons.

On today’s campuses, leftist administrators and faculty members relentlessly undermine conservative students’ efforts to share their ideas with their peers.

In July, YAF sued the University of Minnesota for suppressing students’ First Amendment rights following the University’s refusal to provide a main campus venue for a conservative speaker who was to be hosted by the students and sponsored by YAF.

It was recently discovered that the University of Oregon lavishly funded liberal clubs to the tune of $250,000. Conservative clubs, however, received only $1,540.

And recently, leftist administrators at the University of Virginia petitioned for the school to reverse its decision to hire YAF and UVA alumnus and recent White House Legislative Director Marc Short.

It is within this atmosphere that longtime Young America’s Foundation supporters Robert and Patricia Herbold felt it necessary to help students bring the lessons of free market ideas, individual freedom, and conservative thought to their campuses.

Dennis Prager, Christina Hoff Sommers, Jonah Goldberg, Lt. Col.Allen West, and Senator Rick Santorum are just a few of the speakers who will be part of this new series. As with many YAF campus programs, select events will be streamed live to thousands online.

“The principles upon which our country was founded are under attack on many campuses of American colleges and universities,” noted Robert and Patricia Herbold. “Young America’s Foundation is working with students to ensure that these principles of a free society have a strong voice at their schools. The lecture series we are sponsoring is an ideal vehicle for achieving this goal.”

Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson praised the generosity of the program sponsors:

The Herbolds have championed core American freedoms of free enterprise and American exceptionalism throughout their distinguished careers in the public and private sectors: Bob Herbold, as an enormously successful businessman and author, and Patricia Herbold, as a businesswoman, U.S. ambassador, and a dedicated public servant.

Their ideas represent the best of America.

We are honored by their commitment to ensure thousands of young people learn about the ideas and principles which allowed our country to prosper since its founding. We are deeply grateful for the Herbolds’ support of this vital work.

Young America’s Foundation is honored to partner with Robert and Patricia Herbold, who recognized the vacuum of ideas and free market thought on our campuses and are committed to filling that void.

The Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series is the latest Foundation lecture series to bring intellectual diversity to our campuses.

Additional YAF lecture series for the upcoming school year will feature Ben Shapiro and Dinesh D’Souza on exclusive ten-campus tours. Dr. Art Laffer, Andrew Klavan, and Michael Knowles will also headline separate YAF lecture series—complementing the dozens of other Foundation-sponsored speakers addressing campuses from coast-to-coast.

For additional information or to cover the Robert and Patricia Herbold Lecture Series, please contact YAF Spokesman Spencer Brown via phone (800-872-1776) or email (sbrown@yaf.org).