From July 30 to August 4, more than 1,000 participants joined Young America’s Foundation for the 40th Annual National Conservative Student Conference in Washington, DC.

Students heard from America’s leading conservatives during the week-long rally for freedom’s principles, picking up the best arguments for conservative ideas and being inspired to take bold conservative action when they return to campus in just a few short weeks.

Don’t miss out on what the 30+ speakers at the 2018 NCSC had to say! Lessons and advice from two dozen leading conservatives—including Ben Shapiro, Sen. Tim Scott, Liz Wheeler—are now available on YAFtv!

Senator Marco Rubio

Lt. Col. Allen West

Steven Crowder

Dr. Walter Williams

Christina Hoff Sommers

Rich Lowry

Liz Wheeler

Senator Tim Scott

Todd Starnes

Declan Ganley

Dinesh D’Souza

Ben Shapiro

Elizabeth Campbell

Marc Short

Dr. Art Laffer

Andrew Klavan

Bay Buchanan

Michael Knowles

Dr. Paul Kengor

National Review Institute Panel: Remembering William F. Buckley

Allie Stuckey

Andrew Puzder

Dr. Robert George

Barry Goldwater Jr.

If you’re already missing the fun and fellowship of this year’s National Conservative Student Conference (we know we are!), check out YAF’s upcoming student conferences and secure your spot for the next #onlyatYAF adventure!