Next Wednesday, the Young Americans for Freedom Chapter, in partnership with the ASUR Convocations and Lectures will be hosting Ben Shapiro on campus. Just this month, Shapiro spoke to over 1,000 students at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Knowing the impact Shapiro and YAF have on every campus they visit, leftists at the University of Redlands have organized their own counter event.

Entitled “**Liberated,” the students will be hosting what they call “the biggest porch party of the decade.” Looks like they might fall short for as of this writing, only 80 people have RSVP’d on the Facebook event.

According to the event organizers, “This even aims to elevate the level of progressive political discourse on campus by bringing together a coalition of clubs and classes for a teach-in, potluck, and dance party of resistance.”

“A dance party of resistance.”

 Attending this “dance party of resistance” are at least two Redlands staff members, Tim Seiber and Julie Townsend, who expressed their excitement for the event on Facebook. Seiber is listed as an “Assistant Professor, Johnston Johnston Center for Integrative Studies,” while Townsend is listed as the “Director of the Johnston Johnston Center.”

These snowflakes have clearly gone off the deep end; scheduling a dance party to avoid hearing an alternative opinion.

For students and community members who interested in hearing Shapiro’s witty perspective on free speech and campus leftism, the event takes place at 7:00 pm at the Memorial Chapel at the University of Redlands.

UPDATE: On the event page for **Liberated, Redlands students are suggesting that they do not intend to participate in Shapiro’s lecture because he “makes them feel unsafe.” Poor snowflakes.