Ronald Reagan PosterToday marks the 30th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration as President. Many liberal pundits attacked Reagan (and still do), but throughout the eight years of his presidency, he ended up changing America and the world. He is now considered to be one of our country’s greatest presidents.

Young America’s Foundation is gearing up to celebrate another milestone, the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.

During Reagan 100, you can bring President Reagan’s vision to life through a broad array of initiatives, speakers, and programs offered by Young America’s Foundation. Together, our activism will counter Obama’s pernicious message of socialism and reach the vast number of students required to permanently reestablish freedom in our country. 

Students, you can celebrate the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth by distributing our commemorative Ronald Reagan poster, holding a birthday party for President Reagan on campus, and distributing Reagan-themed fliers (coming soon!). You can also host one of the many speakers who will be part of our special Reagan 100 Lecture Series.

Those who will be in Santa Barbara can participate in a week-long series of events including movie screenings, book signings, and interviews with those who knew Reagan best.

A select group of students will be chosen to participate in the Summit to Restore Freedom on Campusand hear from Vice President Dick Cheney.

Learn all that Young America’s Foundation has planned to celebrate Ronald Reagan and restore Freedom’s Future.


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