Shaun King spoke at Texas Christian University recently as part of TCU’s so-called “Unity Week. King was brought to campus and funded by TCU’s student government to talk about race relations. But instead of pushing a feel-good message of unity or explaining ways to improve race relations in the community, King used the opportunity to lambast President Trump, calling the President “a terrible human being.”

“Not only did King attack our commander-in-chief’s character on the university’s dime, but he also labeled Trump as a sexual predator and rapist,” wrote Annabel Scott in an article for The Freedom Frog after the event.

After his attacks on President Trump based on false or disproven accusations, King encouraged the students to use tools at their disposal to force colleges to turn their schools into sanctuary campuses for illegal immigrants.

Don’t forget, this tirade against the President and in support of criminals was entirely funded by Texas Christian University’s student government–$5,000 according to the source identified by Annabel Scott. For comparison, when the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at TCU hosted conservative business mogul Steve Forbes, the student government coughed up $2,500. And when TCU YAF hosted conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, the student government paid only $2,000.

This ‘Unity Week’ filled with hatred and vitriol against conservatives under the guise of SJW ‘togetherness’ is exactly why Young America’s Foundation’s work and resources are so important on our nation’s campuses. Without its conservative student activists, intensive training seminars and conferences, and especially its campus lecture program, conservatives would rarely be heard on campus.

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