Marquette Feminism SpeakerBy Ethan Hollenberger

Two weeks after canceling a radical female sexuality seminar for
the second time, Marquette University(MU) hosted controversial
feminist Jaclyn
. Friedman’s appearance was sponsored by MU student
government utilizing student activity fee money. 

Friedman, who hosts a weekly podcast, “F***ing While Feminist,” spoke on healthy sexuality and anti-rape
activities as part of the campus’ Sexual Violence Awareness

Sexuality and feminism have caused controversy at Marquette in
recent months. In
February, conservative students, alumni, and local radio hosts
encouraged Marquette administrators to strip sponsorship a student
led sexuality seminar.

 The seminar, FemSex, utilized the c**t coloring book and other
morally objectionable material and was to be held on the campus’s
Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. The Jesuit Catholic
University’s President Father Scott Pilarz, S.J. wrote in
an op-ed to the Marquette Tribune
, “After reviewing the
specific workshop outline, I consulted with university leadership
and found aspects that fell outside our Catholic, Jesuit

The seminar came back this fall under sponsorship from the
Honors Program. Again, the sponsorship was pulled. This time
because the workshop
didn’t have a faculty presence

 FemSex’s continued rejection does pose a bit of a pickle for the
University. On one-hand the campus is dedicated to recognizing
academic freedom; however, as Pilarz noted last March, the Catholic identity of the school must be maintained. 

 So, with feminist Jaclyn Friedman’s appearance, yet another
anti-Catholic voice will be heard by students seeking a Jesuit

Perhaps, someday true intellectual diversity will exist on
Marquette’s campus and social violence will be presented by a
leading conservative Catholic voice. 

Until then, the coexist stickers with a cross as the “t”
continue to be false liberal lip service. 

Ethan Hollenberger, age 22, is a conservative activist from
Wisconsin. While at Marquette, he was a founding member of his
campus’ Young Americans for Freedom chapter. He can be contacted at More of his columns are available at Follow him on Twitter:

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