$245,000. That’s how much Radford University in Radford, Virginia spent to host Katie Couric, Donna Brazile, and Anna Navarro at their inaugural “Exploring the Nexus of Politics and Society” event.

Katie Couric, a journalist and former television news anchor, hosted a panel discussion between former leftist strategist Dona Brazile and Ana Navarro, a prominent anti-Trump CNN political commentator.

According to the Radford Tartan, the university president’s chief of staff, Ashley Schumaker, claimed the school paid pre-determined rates as established by the talent agency, All American Entertainment.

“Based on pre-established rates with All American Entertainment, Katie Couric’s professional fee was $195,000; Donna Brazile’s professional fee was $25,000, and Ana Navarro’s professional fee was $25,000. All three individuals will be reimbursed for other expenses, such as airfare, hotel, ground transportation, etc.” said Schumaker.

The school was also on the hook for private jet travel for Couric, according to the Tartan.

The event was hosted by the Highlander Discovery Institute, which was established in 2017 by Radford’s president to “provide the campus and the community with the opportunity to experience new ideas and ways of thinking,” according to the Roanoke Times. 

Haleigh Williams, the chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter, voiced disappointment at the event. “We went to this event with an open mind, ready to hear our perspective and the left-leaning perspective. However, what we heard was only the liberal side, and no right-leaning perspectives were represented.” She noted that while Navarro identifies as a conservative, “she does not hold conservative values.”

“Before the event even started, the members of the Radford community were led to believe there would be two people on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum, not two people who really do not differ in opinion at all,” Williams said.

It’s laughable that the university claimed to host speakers from both sides of the spectrum, when in reality, the “conservative” of the event, Ana Navarro, has been very vocal in anti-conservative beliefs, including on the topics of illegal immigration and gun control. Why are universities scared to host bold conservative speakers? It’s simple: they’re scared students will listen to the facts, and fall out of line with the leftist indoctrination being pushed on campuses.