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January 01, 1970

America’s campuses are divided as ever and they only have themselves to blame for it.

Many campus administrations are obsessed with dividing Americans based on their race class and sex. This is done through racial preferences in admission policies classifications of students based on race in college applications race-based scholarships and race-based diversity centers. Of course some school administrators ever very eager to take part in Ferguson protests with the president of Penn State University posing alongside students with his hands up.

Schools continue to politicize campus lectures during Martin Luther King Celebrations and Black History Month by inviting race-baiters such as Jesse Jackson Angela Davis Al Sharpton or others. Many of these speakers attack America and denounce our country as a “racist society.”

Your conservative group can attract attention from students faculty and the community by hosting a speaker to counteract your school’s program. Young America’s Foundation can assist you to host a speaker during Black History Month who will offer an alternative viewpoint than one that is often provided by your school.

Foundation speakers Herman Cain Allen West Sonnie Johnson T.W. Shannon Ward Connerly Joseph Phillips Star Parker and many others can all visit your campus.

One of the latest speakers to join our lecture program T.W. Shannon writes that “We cannot become the nation of handouts. This mentality becomes the breeding ground for a communist society. People have never come to this nation for handouts. They come for opportunity the opportunity to work and build a better future for self and family. This is the America I know. This is the America I want for my grandchildren.”

We can help you change the atmosphere on your campus by helping you host one of these dynamic speakers at your school. We will walk you through the entire process and help you both logistically and financially.

Don’t wait! Each of these dynamic speakers will only be available for a short while. Contact us now.


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