The student government at Cornell University recently purged four representatives who voted against a controversial resolution to disarm campus police, as punishment for those who disagreed ideologically.

The four representatives who were removed from committees or the assembly as a whole include Dillon Anadkat, Annie Gleiberman, Kate Santacruz, and Raquel Zohar–all of whom voted against police disarmament.

The initial vote to disarm police failed 14-5-1, which led to several angry cosponsors of the bill spearheading attempts to recall the reps who voted against disarmament. The recall attempts, which failed miserably, then led to tyrannical leftist representatives purging the senators from committee assignments, because they’d voted in a way they deemed disagreeable.

Following the purge, 12 reps abruptly left the meeting during a second vote to pass the new version of the resolution, causing the assembly to almost lose quorum. However, the resolution still did pass 15-1-13, making official their demand to disarm Cornell’s police force.

YAF combed through hours of footage from several weeks of student government meetings, uncovering some of the most egregious moments:

The chair of the student government, Cat Huang, agreed to call on minority students over white students after one representative said “I want them to like have their voices be amplified before white people start talking.”

Campus Police Chief David Honan was questioned by leftist members of student government, where they berated and accused him of wanting to “feel powerful” as the only reason a police officer would carry a firearm.

One representative, Moriah Adeghe, insisted that one student “will never be the arbiter of like who is racist and who is not racist as a white man.”

Another representative, Uche Chukwukere, told one student that “when a black woman is speaking you do not interrupt her.” He then went on to attack the student, saying “You are a white man. You cannot tell me how I’m supposed to feel around CUPD.”

The representatives in favor of the resolution seemed to brush off any concerns about the effects of disarming campus police. Rep. Moriah Adeghe said “that’s none of my business” and compared disarming police to abolishing slavery.

One representative who was targeted shared how they were barraged with hateful messages, including harassment and messages encouraging suicide for voting against the resolution.

In a Letter to the Editor published in the Cornell Sun, two of the purged representatives slammed the decision by their tyrannical colleagues. “Two of us, Raquel Zohar ’23 and Kate Santacruz ’23, were summarily removed from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee because we voted against Resolution 11,” they wrote. “We have also learned that members of the Executive Committee are planning to selectively use existing, but unenforced, S.A. rules on attendance and committee membership in order to remove members who voted no on Resolution 11. These actions are undemocratic, authoritarian and a flagrant abuse of the S.A.’s rules and procedures.”

Cornell’s administration is choosing to sit back and let these tyrants-in-training harass and remove peers with which they disagree–hiding behind silly procedural motions that have not been enforced until now. Student government representatives, democratically elected by their peers, should be able to do their job without fear of retribution. Cornell should immediately disavow any reps who spearheaded these intimidation tactics and smear campaigns, to ensure true diversity of thought can exist.