In the wake of an announcement that Daily Wire conservative commentator Michael Knowles will be speaking at Purdue University on March 23, leftist students quickly mobilized to plan a protest outside the lecture hall where the event is scheduled to take place. 

The response from these intolerant students was swift, with plans for the protest being announced within minutes of the event being made public.

Students are planning to meet for a protest outside of the lecture venue with signs and banners nearly two hours before the event begins.

Some students even started brainstorming anti-Knowles slogans to use during their demonstration. 

Another thread soliciting ideas for how to get the event canceled was posted shortly thereafter.

“If you want to end up being arrested there’s plenty of ways,” one member of the Purdue Reddit forum wrote. “However trying to end the event literally does nothing but reinforce the “liberals hate free speech stereotype,” the post continued.


Spencer Johnson, the chairman of Purdue College Republicans, expressed little surprise at the response from the leftists. “Those that express different views from these left-leaning students are often denounced and called evil extremists for their relatively mainstream views,” he said. “While I feel these protests are an attempt to suppress dissent, I think they have a right to protest under the First Amendment just as we have the right to host Mr. Knowles, and he has the right to express his views freely.”

It’s disappointing that some students at Purdue seem so quick to shut down any viewpoints that do not align with their own. Instead of refusing to listen to and engage with Knowles’ common sense beliefs, these leftists are more interested in shutting down his event.