GW protestThis past Thursday, myself and members of the GW chapter of Young America’s Foundation (GWYAF) came together to protest the atmosphere of green indoctrination at George Washington University.

The event we chose to protest was a discussion with Thomas Friedman about his new book “Hot, Flat, and Crowded.”  The book, which was “strongly recommended” reading for freshmen, argues for a rapid transition to green energy policies by whatever means possible.  At the speech, Friedman made this sentiment painfully clear, contending that we should adopt global warming alarmist policies even if there is only a “one percent chance that man made climate change is occurring and going have catastrophic consequences.”  Such sentiments are only the latest in a long line of egotistical and arrogant positions and initiatives, such as GWU’s Green Book Club, that the Left enjoys adopting on college campuses.

To combat this, GWYAF employed one of the tried and true tactics of campus activism, protest.  Coupled with hosting educational events as well as notable speakers, my chapter has worked tirelessly to stand up against biased professors and administrators and demonstrate that there is another important viewpoint.  Through the efforts of my fellow campus activists, as well as the help of national Young America’s Foundation I will continue the fight to give students the education they deserve.

Travis Korson is President of the GW Chapter of Young America’s Foundation


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