A video released by pro-abortion activists features an out-of-context clip of a pro-life student outside of the Supreme Court. The video’s producers misrepresent the student’s tears of joy in the moments after the Dobbs victory was announced as tears of sorrow and disappointment. 

The clip, posted by dozens of prominent leaders in the abortion movement including Hillary Clinton and Governor Gavin Newsom, encourages California residents to vote “yes” on Proposition 1, which would expressly include the right to abortion in the state’s constitution.

“They clipped and manipulated the video of me to make it appear that I was sad. In the full-length footage, it is very obvious that I am pro-life,” Macy Petty told the New Guard.

Indeed, it’s blatantly evident in the full-length stock footage, which appears to have been purchased by the activist group for between $999 and $4,650, that the student is crying tears of joy. 

“You selected the portion in which I fell to my knees in tears. At this moment, I witnessed a miracle. I was overwhelmed. I thanked the Lord for this decision and for opening my eyes to the evil of abortion. This is what brought me to tears,” she wrote in an open letter to Clinton, Newsom, and the group that produced the video. “You portrayed me in an evil light, and distorted my emotions as part of your political game,” she continued.

Macy has yet to receive any response, let alone an apology, from those responsible for misrepresenting her pro-life views.

Whatever happens in California, the pro-life movement will persist until the right to life is universally respected.