A professor at Winthrop University, a public school in South Carolina, recently went on a social media rampage threatening to expose “White K-12 teacher[s]” who express “pro-police” sentiments, noting “I hope those are posts you are willing to stand by when district personnel get screenshots of your ignorance.”

April Mustian, a former professor at Illinois State University and incoming professor and Director of Undergraduate Special Education at Winthrop, posted her rant on June 26.

“This is a new day, folks. People are getting fired for being racist on social media…if your first thought is to delete me because of this post, chances are I already have some screenshots,” Mustian wrote. Her post was flooded with comments of support.

Mustian quickly deleted her Facebook account after Young America’s Foundation reached out to her new employer, Winthrop University, for comment about her threats.

“Dr. April Mustian will join the faculty of Winthrop’s College of Education starting in August,” school spokeswoman Julia Longshaw confirmed. “She is not yet a Winthrop employee. As she is not currently our employee and the post is from her personal social media account, we have no other comment at this time.”

Despite dodging YAF’s question and attempt to shirk responsibility, Winthrop University is still embracing a faculty member who believes K-12 teachers who support the police deserve to lose their jobs.

This is another textbook example of the “tolerant” Left at work in higher education. Threatening to dox or attempt to get someone fired simply for supporting brave law enforcement is simply immature and ignorant. One can sadly only hope that Mustian, who will hold a position of power at Winthrop in the fall, will not hold her intolerant values against students who support the police.

Don’t worry Professor Mustian, even though you deleted your profile, we too “already have some screenshots.”

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