Friday afternoon, a University of Michigan statistics professor threatened to “punish” anybody in her class who used the school’s new pronoun designation tool to change their pronoun to “His Majesty” like YAF Chairman Grant Strobl did earlier this week.

According to student sources, the professor, identified as statistics lecturer Nadiya Fink, told her class they would be punished if they changed their pronoun to something “disrespectful” to students who are “different” than “us.”

Fink remarked, “People who do what that kid did will be punished.”

Strobl’s legendary trolling has since gone viral, earning coverage from dozens of leading television, radio, and online outlets.

Unfortunately for Fink, the logic behind the university’s new tool clearly allow for students to follow Grant’s lead. If Grant claims he identifies as “His Majesty,” the university can no more invalidate his identification than they can invalidate anybody who identifies as “ze’s” identification.

Will the Left play by its own rules?

We’ll keep you updated.