A pro-life student group at Auburn University was informed yesterday afternoon that Instagram decided to permanently suspend its account on the platform, citing “business integrity” concerns after the club announced plans to attend the March for Life.

“Your account, or activity on it, doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines on business integrity,” the notice from Instagram stated.

The post that apparently triggered the ban simply announced that registration for the trip to D.C. had opened up.

It’s unclear why Instagram determined that the announcement violated “integrity” standards. To the contrary, the social media giant’s decision to censor accounts it disagrees with would appear to be one made without regard to ethics or morality.

“We were banned permanently for a regular post promoting the March for Life,” Samuel Hass, a board member of Students for Life at Auburn University, told Young America’s Foundation. “This is a scary reminder how much power these corporations wield over our lives,” he continued.

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, did not immediately respond to YAF’s request for comment, but this article will be updated accordingly.

The student organization has sent an appeal to Instagram, which the company has 30 days to respond to.

Unfortunately, these unilateral decisions by big tech companies have become increasingly common. Young America’s Foundation’s official account has been suspended by TikTok on multiple occasions simply for posting content that falls out of step with the Left’s gender ideology.

This routine censorship of ideas that leftist corporations determine to be objectionable goes directly against the principle of the First Amendment, and must be stopped.