Yesterday, a pro-life display at the University at Buffalo, created by the Young Americans for Freedom chapter, became the center of attention when it was vandalized by an irate leftist student. 

Since 2017, the University at Buffalo has allowed students and staff to paint a bull statue (representing the school mascot) outside of the Student Center as part of an art installation. This initiative aims to encourage creativity and free expression within the campus community, according to a press release announcing the project years ago

In order to avoid potential chaos, specific guidelines were established to maintain order and respect among participating student organizations. These guidelines stipulated that the bull could only be painted by one organization at a time and that all painting must occur between dusk and dawn.

In violation of the established guidelines, a pro-abortion individual approached the bull statue during daylight hours with a bucket of red paint. He proceeded to pour the paint over the bull, effectively covering a pro-life message that read “PRO-LIFE IS PRO-WOMAN” and a statistic intended to raise awareness about the tragic loss of over 600,000 babies’ lives on an annual basis.

YAF chapter members, who were standing guard after multiple previous incidents of vandalism, caught the incident on camera.

As the leftist student stormed away from the scene, he shouted that the YAF students should “go f–ing die.”

This particular student has an extensive history of harassing the YAFers at UB – one time this past semester, he went so far as to break into a restricted building in an attempt to disrupt one of the chapter’s events.

While the YAF chapter at the University at Buffalo has been at the forefront of advocating conservative viewpoints for many years, it currently faces an uncertain future. The chapter’s ability to operate effectively has been jeopardized due to student government action, which appears to be ideologically motivated, that will prohibit student organizations with national affiliations from receiving funding. The move, which Young America’s Foundation’s legal team is working to oppose, came immediately after the chapter’s standing-room-only Michael Knowles event held in March.

“The socialists on campus are so intolerant of any opposing viewpoints that they cannot even be bothered to abide by the most basic of rules,” Connor Ogrydziak, chairman of the YAF chapter, told the New Guard.

The fact that this student feels the need to censor statistical realities in order to feel confident in his beliefs is very telling.