By: Rhett Wilson

A public school district in New Hampshire has appointed a self-proclaimed “Pro-hoe” woman to the position of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) coordinator, according to a tip received through Young America’s Foundation’s Campus Bias Tip Line.

Vivian Jablonski, an Oyster River high school teacher, said that hiring Rachael Blansett “kind of felt like a pipe dream” due to the board’s recent enthusiasm to hire someone in this position.

As the DEIJ coordinator, Blansett will have a drastic impact on the district, due to the nature of her position.  She will be responsible for implementing DEIJ into classrooms, by revising/changing curriculums, as well as training for teachers and administrators.

The plan to hire someone to this position has been on the school board’s agenda for the past 3 years. But parents have been left in the dark as to what the board’s plans are.

As expected, this decision has come to the surprise and frustration of many Oyster River parents, many of whom voiced their concerns at a local school board meeting on June 15.  Darren Keller, a father with children in the district, criticized the board for hiring Blansett, saying that “[his family] came to Oyster River for educational opportunities…I did not bring my kids here to be dragged into ugly, partisan, politics.”  He also said that the board had chosen a “flawed candidate” and had tried to “rugsweep” the decision.

According to reports, Blansett posted the hashtag #WPANO (White People Are Not Ok) on a social media account, which she later made private.  This sparked many concerns from parents. “[H]er hashtag was very concerning to me. If any other group was… [labeled] ’black people are not ok,’ ‘asian people are not ok,’ I feel like that would ruffle quite a few feathers,” a local mom told the school board.  She also said that having someone represent Oyster River in this new position is “embarrassing.”

Appointing DEIJ coordinators is something that Young America’s Foundation stands against, as those positions only contribute to racism and more division within school districts, and frankly are a waste of money. What’s more, the fact that Blansett allegedly used such blatantly racist language “White People Are Not Ok” should awaken parents to the radical leftism present in many academic institutions.

If you want to express your concerns, call the Oyster River Cooperative School District Superintendent at 603-868-5100 ext. 2022.