A Planned Parenthood-affiliated student organization at Oakland University in Michigan is hoping to strengthen its relationship with the LGBTQ community and highlight the “abortion needs” of “transgender” and “non-binary” students by sponsoring a drag show later in the semester. In order to raise the funds they’ll need, the club is selling “condom grams” – valentine cards with condoms attached.

Grizzlies for Choice members pose during a meeting. (The Oakland Post)

A Condom Gram is a little package with a condom, a note the buyer can personalize, and a piece of candy. We will be selling them for two dollars,” Katie Kraemer, vice president of the Grizzlies for Choice, told Young America’s Foundation. All the proceeds from the Grams will go directly towards hosting the Drag Show. Other Planned Parenthood Generation Action chapters have done this before and we are continuing the tradition,” she continued.

Kraemer claimed that “transgender” and “non-binary” students need to be aware of and have access to abortion just as much as real women do. “Being pro-choice isn’t just a woman’s issue. It’s an everyone issue. Especially considering how sex ed and reproductive healthcare has harmed and excluded trans individuals in the past.”

Planned Parenthood’s “Generation Action” student outreach arm has expanded its presence on America’s college campuses in recent years. According to its website, the organization currently works with nearly 400 pro-abortion student groups. 

Clearly, it’s not about “choice,” or “women’s rights.” Planned Parenthood is pushing the entirety of the Left’s depraved agenda on young and impressionable high school and college students. Conservatives must continue to fight back.