By: Shawna Weber

An elite private school in Washington, D.C. recently sent an email to parents of students enrolled in the elite private school’s “Manatee” preschool program announcing the pregnancy of supposedly male teacher Tristan Powell.

“We wanted to take an opportunity to share some exciting news with you (though you may have already noted Mr. Powell’s growing belly),” the email begins. 

The administrator goes on to share advice with parents about how they can explain the unusual pregnancy situation to their preschoolers and their older siblings.

“For kids who may have associations with pregnancy and a certain gender (‘only girls/moms can have babies’), Tristan uses the language of, ‘some boys have bodies that can have babies, and I have that kind of body that can have a baby, isn’t that cool?!’” the email states.

The transgender educator is a speech-language pathologist, according to the school’s faculty directory.

Powell apparently tells her students that her “grownups made a guess” that she was a girl at birth but that she grew up and realized that she’s actually a boy.

Young America’s Foundation unsuccessfully attempted to reach the River School to find out how men can become pregnant. When a New Guard reporter was transferred to the spokesperson by the receptionist, the call was immediately disconnected.

The River School makes a mockery of womanhood by teaching its young, impressionable preschool students that women can turn into men and that men can become pregnant.

The Left is trying to indoctrinate children at increasingly younger and younger ages. No child, especially at the age of four or five, should be lied to in this manner.