Abortion Boat

By Jiesi Zhao

Over the years, Young America’s Foundation has documented and exposed the vast amount of liberal bias on campuses across the nation. We’ve seen it all – from campus authorities tearing down conservative clubs’ fliers and illegally sending out mass emails urging students to vote Democrat, to banning conservative speakers on campus and punishing students for displaying the American flag.

Sadly, many of these incidents occur at our nation’s most elite schools, and Princeton University is at the top of this list.

Princeton has become obsessed with promoting the abortion death camp, inviting radical leftist professors like Peter Singer into classrooms and research facilities. For those who are unfamiliar, Singer is a bioethics professor at Princeton who espouses the idea that abortion is justified on the grounds that “beings who cannot see themselves as entities with a future cannot have any preferences about their own future existence” in his book, Practical Ethics. Clearly not a man concerned with morality or human rights, he also believes that “Parents may, with good reason, regret that a disabled child was ever born” and that “the effect that the death of the child will have on its parents can be a reason for, rather than against killing it”. In other words, parents have good reason to kill their disabled children. Heavily biased doesn’t even begin to describe the type of education that a student would receive in any of his classes. (Click here to read more about Singer and his ideologies).

Most recently, Princeton has welcomed another radical onto campus; Rebecca Gomperts, a fellow from Wilson College, “famous” for sailing around the world offering abortions on deck in international waters where the procedure cannot be regulated, is Princeton’s latest undertaking to advancing its pro-abortion leftist agenda. Women on Waves, Gomperts’ organization, has been “successful” at sailing women into international and unregulated waters off the coasts of Ireland, Poland, Portugal, and Spain in order to offer them “safe” abortions.  In recent years, she has implemented abortion hotlines in Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Pakistan. And she doesn’t plan on stopping this crusade of encouraging women to circumvent the laws of their nations any time soon; Gomperts has begun training grassroots women’s organizations in Africa to one day offer her abortions procedures at sea.

Last Wednesday, Gomperts gave a talk entitled “All You Need to Know about Abortion” on campus – an event promoted by the university. But as someone who shows no regard for laws or for the morality issues associated with the abortion discussion, she is hardly qualified to speak on all that one would need to know about abortion.

Although the pro-life group at Princeton is active and garners a voice on campus, and despite Princeton’s efforts in organizing a debate between the opposing sides on campus, the pro-abortion stance seems to be the only one that the University is willing to advance. Sure Princeton has allowed pro-life activists to speak on campus, but take a look at events claiming to be all-encompassing like the one featuring Gomperts and the kind of faculty the institution hires to educate students (Singer), and it becomes clear that Princeton has no real intentions of offering real open and honest debates on issues like abortion in the long run. The day that Princeton University sponsors an event featuring a pro-life activist based on his or her own merits instead of in a debate format, will be the day I reconsider the permeating liberal bias on campus. Once again, Princeton proves that intellectual diversity and free exchange of ideas is just a myth on campus and the true aim of this liberal arts college is to promote liberal ideologies as the truth.

Jiesi Zhao is a Sarah T. Hermann Intern Scholar with Young America’s Foundation.

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