Prince CharlesYoung America’s Foundation speakers and documentary filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer released their latest short film labeling Prince Charles an Eco-Hypocrite as part of their Hypocrites film series. 

Their video claims the heir to the British throne is a hypocrite because he thinks people should “live with less” to save the planet, but has made no change to his luxurious lifestyle.

This is the third in their Hypocrite short film series, building on previous releases exposing James Cameron and Robert Redford which have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

Ann and Phelim chose to release this film to coincide with Prince Charles’ arrival in Washington DC where he will give a keynote speech at a conference on sustainable agriculture

This is not an attack on the Royal family or their wealth. Ann and Phelim love capitalism, prosperity and think everyone should live life like Price Charles. It is very important that Prince Charles’ lifestyle be measured against his pronouncements. They think there should be some accountability and they are doing our part by making these films and bring these hypocrites to light.

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