UCLA Student TablingBy Robert Oliver 

With the results from this fall in mind, it is now more
important than ever to spread conservatism across college campuses.
As liberals gloat about their victories, we must take advantage of
the opportunity to keep working and fighting for our
conservative values and principles. Now is the time to build up our forces so we can come back
stronger than ever. 

Our main goal of conservative activism at
Ithaca College is to expose the liberal bias of the faculty and
show the community that there is a strong Conservative Movement on
campus.We have turned our group into a safe haven for conservatives and
libertarians alike and although we might not agree on specific
issues, we agree that smaller government, individual liberties and
American exceptionalism are what we’re fighting for. The secret to be successful on a liberal campus is all
about getting your name out there; tabling, holding events,
bringing speakers, participating in YAF activities. If you follow these methods, I guarantee you will find those conservatives and
libertarians out there. If I can do it here, on a campus whose
staff is 92% liberal, then you can do it wherever you are.

My activism has begun a dialogue between our group and the school president on how we can improve the lack of intellectual diversity
on campus. We can see the bias through voter registration, FEC
contributions from school officials, and the school’s budget for speakers. The study on the lack of intellectual diversity has encouraged groups at
other universities to conduct similar research and it has proven to be a very effective activism tool.  I have been
accused of “hijacking” the term diversity as well as being outright
offensive – for just standing up for our conservative
values and what we believe in. Although professors and other
students will try to silence you, remember that if you don’t speak
out, then who will? Be that conservative in class who calls out
your professor for praising the ideas of Hugo Chavez and encourage
other conservatives to do the same. On every campus, it is necessary to have conservative group that stand up for the underrepresented. As we move forward into 2013, we must regroup, stick together, and fight for what we
believe in.  

Robert Oliver is a conservative activist at Ithaca College.


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