Free Speech ZoneOver the last few days, a number of articles have highlighted how APU has attempted to defend its actions in banning a YAF chapter on campus. The school claims its support of conservative students and ideas. However, APU should back up its statements by supporting students who want to form a chapter and not by blocking their associations. We do not accept second class student status for young leaders especially when the reason given is a statement on our website that applies “if” the university sees itself as bias. Azusa’s administrators obviously saw themselves as such.  

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute has also worked with Ashley Blackwell to advance conservatism on campus and writes about how Ashley had multiple encounters with liberal students and administrators on campus.

Catherine Rodriquez, lecture director at Clare Boothe Luce writes: 

Much has been made about the recent coverage of 2012 CBLPI
summer intern Ashley Blackwell and her fight to establish a Young
Americans for Freedom chapter on her Azusa Pacific University
campus. Many individuals have come to the school’s defense,
insisting that APU is a good Christian school that seeks to promote
a sense of community and embraces students of all kinds and with
all beliefs.

Unfortunately, Ashley’s experience does not reflect such
tolerance. While it may be true that APU considers itself a campus
that “supports the opportunity for all students to engage
in open political dialogue
,” its administrators appeared to
turn a largely blind eye to the bias and bullying Ashley and her
fellow conservative students face there. Like scores of
conservative college students across the country, this isn’t
Ashley’s first run-in with campus leftists.

You can read the rest of the post here.

Young America’s Foundation will continue to warn conservative students considering attending APU that they will be treated differently because of their beliefs. 

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