By: Grace Baker

I walked into my afternoon Intro to Hispanic Studies class expecting an hour and a half of reviewing Hispanic movies, cultures and songs. Instead, I was forced to hear leftist talking points about STDs, abortion services and free condom locations, all compliments of Planned Parenthood.

Entering class at the University of Memphis that day, I was greeted by a bag full of Planned Parenthood info brochures and a free condom.

Startled, I settled in my seat and turned to see two girls around my age at the front of the class, wearing shirts that said “Planned Parenthood Stands with Black Women.” There were two Hispanic adults accompanying them–the young girls were the translators for us, as the main two speakers both spoke mainly in Spanish.

My professor started off class with the Spanish greeting song we always sing. One of the lines is “I love to sing,” and instead she said, “I love Planned Parenthood!”

I made sure not to repeat that portion.

The speakers started their program, going over the community work they do with the “Latinx” communities they worked with, as they refused to refer to any gender as they spoke.

The first section of the speech went over the organization’s Raíz program, which targets Hispanic communities. The workers assured that that they required very little paperwork, so “anyone” could receive care with Planned Parenthood. Instead of feeling like the group was helping these Hispanic communities, they were trapping them. It was as if they were bribing them (and us, for that matter) with free condoms and free care, no questions asked, no consequences.

You want birth control? No problem.

You want an abortion? No questions asked.

Now, when the topic of abortion came up, the workers turned on their heels. They brought up the debunked statistic that abortions only make up 3 percent of their services. This has been disproven countless times, but in short it is this: Planned Parenthood counts things such as getting a pregnancy test (which you could get at a drugstore) as a “service.” Adding up things like this make up that 3 percent, according to Live Action. The Washington Examiner reported that in in 2018 alone, Planned Parenthood provided over 300,000 abortions.

The class speakers insisted on this 3 percent, and they began to discuss the proposed bill that would ban abortions past six weeks, which is typically when the baby’s heart begins to beat.

During the lecture, they even pulled up a map of all the places to get free condoms. The header on the website read “Getting it on for Free.”

After wasting 90 minutes of my life, we were dismissed from the class. I walked outside the room and threw away all the freebies. I went about my day, and later received a call from my teacher. Although I hadn’t said anything during the lecture, someone must have saw me throwing away the Planned Parenthood propaganda. She apologized if the talk had offended me, and she insisted to me that they weren’t trying to tell me what to do or think.

Not telling me what to think? That was exactly what they were trying to do.

Why else would Planned Parenthood be invited to take over my entire Spanish class? It had nothing to do with Spanish. The entire thing was to show how “wonderful” Planned Parenthood supposedly was, the ease of getting services such as abortion, and how to get condoms so I could go have sex with whomever I want, whenever I want, with no worry at all about consequences.

Leftism is invading our school system, courtesy of leftist professors and administrators who want to push the same agenda. Planned Parenthood is not some benevolent clinic that waits patiently for people to walk through its doors. Instead, it is so determined to indoctrinate the public that it will find any vulnerable community and exploit it. It will invade not only your school, but your community as well. It is so intent on ensuring Americans that you can act recklessly without worry of consequences, and stomps on the idea of personal responsibility that Americans hold dear.

Grace Baker is the Chairman of the University of Memphis Young Americans for Freedom chapter.