In response to the ongoing debate over immigration and border security, the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA YAF) planned a series of events to advocate for President Trump’s border wall. CSULA YAF’s initiatives included tabling to distribute information on the crisis along the southern border, signage emblazoned with “Build the Wall,” and a campus lecture by the Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles.

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles with members of the California State University, Los Angeles Young Americans for Freedom.

Internal emails obtained exclusively through Young America’s Foundation’s Censorship Exposed project show a gang of leftist faculty who are as ill-adjusted as the fragile students they teach. CSULA President William Covino and several professors—all clearly suffering from a severe phobia of conservatives—were in hysterics as their own emails show.

When faculty learned that CSULA YAF had begun advocating for a fair and lawful immigration system and a secure border, they became “emotionally and physically triggered” according to professor Carlos Tejada who called the activism initiatives a “‘free speech’ attack.”