PS-YAF SymbolConservative students with Penn State Young Americans for Freedom (PS-YAF) are gearing up for a protest into the university-lead inquiry of Climate Gate professor Michael Mann.

A press release from the club reads:

Do you care about academic integrity? Today, a group of three Penn State employees are supposed to conclude an inquiry into whether PSU professor Michael Mann violated university policy. If these three employees so choose, they can clear Mann of wrongdoing, and cut off any further investigation.
A PSU professor is involved in an international, climate-related scandal, and the internal inquiry involves only three people, all of whom are Penn State employees. No outsiders will monitor the proceedings. Does this seem right to you?
If the initial inquiry decides that Mann needs to be investigated further, a committee of five tenured Penn State professors will be appointed to do the job. Again, there will be no external oversight. Does this seem right to you?
Even if the Penn State investigation committee finds that Mann did wrong, they are under no obligation to inform the public—the only people they are required to inform are Mann’s donors. Again, does this seem right to you?
Penn State is the ninth ranked university in the country for receiving government research and development grants. Don’t you think they should be held to a high standard?
Come join us when we take a stand for honesty, integrity and truth on February 12th, at noon, in front of the Hetzel Union Building on Penn State’s University Park Campus (Pollock Road entrance). Your commitment and concern will make a difference!  This demonstration is jointly sponsored by PSU Young Americans for Freedom and The 9-12 Project of Central PA.
For further information contact:
Samuel Settle
Young Americans for Freedom

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