Jolie GrantThe number of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapters continues to grow as students seek to promote the principles embodied in the Sharon Statement to their peers on college and high school campuses. Many YAF activists have distinguished themselves through their activism and by building strong, active clubs. 

Today, we are excited to announce that two chapter chairs will be elevated to the national Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors: Jolie Stuart-Davis, chair of Penn State YAF and Grant Strobl, recent chair of Grosse Pointe North High School YAF and chair of the newly formed chapter at the University of Michigan. 
Jolie has been responsible for organizing conservative activists and establishing chapters on several campuses.  She first got involved as a student at Central Washington Univeristy. She traveled to a Young America’s Foundation conference at the Reagan Ranch and has been active ever since. From her experience attending Foundation conferences, she was inspired to start a YAF chapter at her school. Jolie helped organize the 9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week. Now as a student at Penn State Law, she has taken over as chair of Penn State YAF and has worked to rebuild the chapter. Her club is already hosting Kate Obenshain this fall as part of the Firing Up Freedom Tour

Grant Strobl began his activism in YAF as a high school sophomore. He quickly grew a strong chapter at his high school that organized a number of events, including the 9/11: Never Forget Project and Freedom Week.  He exposed his school’s attempts to keep him from posting flyers which encouraged students to respect all women, and he also hosted Dr. Burt Folsom. One of his proudest achievements is organizing a lecture featuring Steve Forbes on leadership and free enterprise in front of a full school assembly.

The Board of Governors is the national advisory board for YAF chapters and was formed following the unification of Young America’s Foundation and Young Americans for Freedom. The goal of the board is to give successful YAF leaders a voice to provide compelling and effective guidance that can be implemented on a national level.   

Jolie says of her appointment, “I am excited and humbled to join the Board of Governors for Young Americans for Freedom. This group is comprised of outstanding members, and it is truly an honor to serve with them. I look forward to getting to work on pushing the Conservative Movement toward a prominent role on college and high school campuses. As the principle outreach organization of the Conservative Movement, Young Americans for Freedom gives young people the opportunity to make a difference at school and in their communities. I am thrilled to be a part of such a unique and important organization.”

Grant remarked, “It is an honor to accept the invitation to join the Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors. I am thankful to be part of the prominent youth activism group in the Conservative Movement and I am excited to expand our influence. It is exciting to work with the board of Young Americans for Freedom to ensure that ample resources and activism projects are available to impact college and high school campuses as well as communities nation-wide.” 

Michael Jones, chairman of the YAF Board of Governors noted, “The Young Americans for Freedom Board of Governors is honored to welcome Jolie Stuart-Davis of Penn State and Grant Strobl of the University of Michigan. Through their principled conservative leadership on campus, both individuals have exemplified the finest elements of YAF activism by forming chapters, hosting speakers, attending conferences and regularly organizing activism initiatives. The additions of Jolie and Grant to the Board of Governors will serve to further advance the organization’s mission as the presence of Young Americans for Freedom continues to grow throughout the nation.” 

Jolie and Grant will join current members of the board which include Michael Jones, Chris Bedford, Tyler Trumbach, Nathan Brand, and Patrick Coyle.


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