NCSC Part Time OptionsOur National Conservative Student Conference is just around the corner! On July 28 to August 2, Young America’s Foundation will be hosting our biggest
college conference of the year. Speakers such as Marco Rubio, Newt
Gingrich and Herman Cain will be speaking to students to help them
become more informed and involved in the growing Conservative
Movement. All college students are welcome to attend.

We are also
providing FREE part-time options for students
in the DC area who can only participate during certain speaking
sessions. Don’t let work or other commitments get in the way of
getting the chance to hear from these inspiring speakers.

Students are welcome to attend as part-time attendees to
our nightly dinner banquets featuring Dr. Art
on Tuesday evening, Senator Tim
 on Wednesday evening, Senator Marco
 on Thursday evening and more.

Don’t miss out on the chance to hear these amazing speakers for
free. Sign up for our part-time options today!

This conference has opened my eyes to the fact that we need
to be more present on our campuses and work hard to keep the
Conservative Movement going strong.”

-Amy Jewell, University of Wisconsin 2013 National Conservative
Student Conference attendee

Part-time Optional Speaking Sessions:

Tuesday: The Honorable Newt Gingrich, Dr. Larry
Schweikart, and Dr. Art Laffer 

Wednesday: Dr. Walter Williams, Herman
Cain, Katie Pavlich, and Senator Tim Scott

Thursday: Dr. Robbie George, Senator Marco

Friday: Steve Moore

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