A professor at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. expressed shock over a conservative student having a YAF sticker on her laptop, posting a Facebook status about the student and engaging in conspiracies that the student may record her comments in class.

An anonymous tip came in through YAF’s Campus Bias Tipline, exposing this professor’s disdain for a conservative student in her class. Kylie Quave, a professor of Anthropology at The George Washington University, is currently teaching a University Writing course titled “Embodied Inequality: Rhetoric of Race and Racism.”

Screenshots appear to show the professor posting on Facebook: “Just realized one of the students in my course (on writing about racism!) has a YAF sticker on their laptop…”

A lively discussion ensued in the comments, with other leftist educators appalled at the idea of a student holding conservative views.

“Turns out one of my sweetest Chinese students is in YAF…I don’t know if she grasps the larger context of YAF,” wrote Britt Scharringhausen, a Beloit College professor.

“Beware that you might be being recorded,” one commenter warned. “Those will be fun papers to grade,” another person quipped.

Quave, the professor in question, noted that her primary concern was being recorded by the YAF student. “And not because I wouldn’t own whatever I say, but rather that I don’t want to deal with the BS.”

She also claimed that the GW YAF chapter hosting Michael Knowles was a “provocation,” linking to a GW Hatchet op-ed where a far-left student slammed the chapter for daring to host a conservative speaker.

Matthew Mastroberti, the president of GW YAF, didn’t hold back in his criticism of GW’s leftist campus culture. “This is a textbook example of professors’ endless demonization and culture of hatred of conservative students at GW,” he said. “Assumptions that YAF students may not ‘grasp the larger context’ of our beliefs, or claiming that bringing a conservative speaker is a ‘provocation’ further reinforces our need for a bold presence on this campus.”

GW YAF is planning to report this incident to GW’s Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, ensuring that intellectual diversity is recognized and valued within the professorial community at the school.