By: Gabrielle Dankanich

During a panel discussion at Saint Louis University featuring transgender and “non-binary” community members, panelist Maven Lee conceded that there’s nothing they can do to stop Matt Walsh from dismantling the Left’s gender ideology.

“You can’t stop the [sic] Matt Walsh. Like, you can’t stop them,” Maven told a student who expressed concern that the Daily Wire host’s “What is a Woman?” documentary and college campus tour, presented by Young America’s Foundation, will inflict lasting damage upon the transgender movement.

“It was a trap. He was going to get you into that room, and then he was going to say a bunch of transphobic stuff,” a professor who introduced herself as “Mx.” Beth said of Walsh’s campus lecture that took place last year at SLU.

It’s unclear why Beth felt that Walsh’s lecture was a “trap.” 

The panel discussion was part of SLU’s “Interprofessional Transgender Health Education Day,” which the Catholic institution sponsored in partnership with Planned Parenthood and the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, a local activism group.

During another session, a speaker admitted that little is known about the impact of “gender-affirming” hormones on future fertility. 

“Before you start anybody on some sort of gender affirming hormones, you need to have a conversation about the future,” the speaker said. “We don’t have enough data to tell people that yeah this will be totally fine, we’re super comfortable with it,” she added.

Obviously, this alone is enough to conclude that children and young adults shouldn’t undergo these life-altering decisions. 

She went on to share her excitement that recently-passed legislation only requires a single letter of recommendation, as opposed to two, in order for an individual to undergo “gender-affirming” surgeries.

This program is only the latest addition to SLU’s never-ending efforts to push radical leftism upon its students. Just days prior to this event, the supposedly Catholic university sponsored a drag show, which featured a performance by an administrator who self-identifies as a “drag baby.” SLU student government leaders and university administrators denied conservative students’ requests to start a Young Americans for Freedom chapter, and have continuously ignored requests for a rehearing for nearly two semesters.

Though their campus presents a uniquely difficult challenge, YAF’s student activists at Saint Louis University will continue exposing this leftist nonsense and fighting for equal representation.