Young America’s Foundation speakers reached overflowing halls of students eager to hear conservative ideas in February. While some groups only host speakers who will incite audiences and provoke campus leftists, Young America’s Foundation has mastered the art of selecting true conservative leaders who offer insightful, dynamic presentations that electrify and inspire young audiences. Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D’Souza, Marc Thiessen, Katie Pavlich, and others encouraged students to stand up for free speech and embrace individual freedom and limited government.

Shapiro spoke to standing-room-only crowds atboth Ferris State University in Michigan, and at Marquette University. At Marquette, our Young Americans for Freedom chapter exposed a plot by campus administrators to reserve seats at the event to keep students from attending. The YAF leaders captured and shared a staff member’s social media post explaining the plan. Young America’s Foundation exposed the school’s plot to the national media, and National Review, Heat Street, the Daily Wire, and other outlets featured the story.

With their scheme foiled, a capacity hall of students along with a full over ow room heard Ben Shapiro tear apart leftist myths on microaggressions, white privilege, and safe spaces.

Later in February, Shapiro addressed another 1,000 students and community members at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Fortunately, there were no protests or disruptions at UCSB—only students eager to hear conservative ideas.

Foundation alumna Katie Pavlich addressed a packed hall at Oklahoma Christian University through the generous support of Mo and Richard Anderson. Pavlich educated the students on the scandals of the Obama administration and the Clinton State Department. She also addressed the liberal myth of the gender pay gap.

Through the D’Souza Unchained Lecture Series, Dinesh D’Souza enlightened students at one of the most liberal campuses in the country, Columbia University. There, he outlined the destructive and racist history of the Left, stating, “The progressive Left has been, from its origin, the party of racism, bigotry, segregation, slavery, lynching, and the KKK.”

YAF alumnus, former presidential speechwriter, and author Marc Thiessen energized students at the United States Naval Academy, of which he stated afterwards, “Great event. Nice to be on a campus where students are preparing to go to war zones instead of hiding from free speech in ‘safe rooms!’”