An introductory Biology class quiz at Gettysburg College asserted that President Trump is a eugenicist, penalizing students who answered differently.

According to documents obtained exclusively by Young America’s Foundation, Betty Ferster, a professor of biology at Gettysburg College, claimed in the graded quiz that “…Trump thinks he’s smart because his uncle was an MIT professor and healthy because he has good genes – we don’t know if he’s healthy, they haven’t released the results of his last check-up.”

Ferster concluded her answer explanation with “He’s orange.”

The question about the president was the only political question on the quiz, with the remaining four questions regarding actual biology concepts such as pleiotropy, heritability, and twins.

A concerned student submitted this tip through YAF’s Campus Bias Tip Line––they prefer to remain anonymous out of fear of retribution in the class. 

This absurd accusation by a professor of higher education should not go unchallenged. Ferster’s ideological biases are shining through in a BIOLOGY class– where politics should have no relevance. Ridiculously invoking the President replaces education with indoctrination.

Gettysburg College declined to comment but told YAF that the Office of the Provost “plan[s] to investigate this in a timely manner.”

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