Roughly two-dozen protestors besieged the university president’s office Tuesday to express their opposition to Ben Shapiro’s appearance on their campus.

Yet again, liberal students on a college campus have given up on their ideology’s ability to win and turned to ad hominem attacks on conservative powerhouse Ben Shapiro.

Posters asking University of Utah students to “SAY NO TO BEN SHAPIRO ON CAMPUS” were joined by tasteless calls to “F**K BEN SHAPIRO” on several locations around campus.

Ben’s oft-cited line that “facts don’t care about your feelings” would be well-heeded by whomever posted these inane and obscene flyers. As many know, Shapiro was the #1 target of anti-semitic hate speech online, and these disgusting epithets are a sad continuation of the hateful words lobbed at Shapiro, merely because he’s a conservative.

Young America’s Foundation is sponsoring Shapiro’s lecture, hosted by the University of Utah Young Americans for Freedom, on September 27. More details about reserving free tickets will be posted on this event page as they become available.