#OnlyAtYAF do students plan the biggest events on campus and have the unique opportunity to hang out with high profile conservative leaders. Last night, the YAF chapter at Southern Methodist University hosted Carly Fiorina.  Because of their efforts, a packed hall with a standing room only audience heard the pro-life message.

YAF at University of Houston is out recruiting new members as they work to plan their first campus lecture!

University of Alabama YAF plastered their campus multiple times this week, and already have caught the attention of their campus.  Leftists are so threatened by students hearing a conservative speaker that they have resorted to tearing down event fliers.  Too bad that won’t deter the group of dedicated YAFers who have gone on to boost their promotion. Read more about it here.

California State University – Los Angeles YAF members took a quick break from promoting their Rick Santorum lecture to hold a club bonding event at LA Live! A leftist administrator plotting to protest their lecture won’t stop this club.

Allan Hancock College YAF brought true diversity to their university by promoting intellectual diversity of thought at their school’s “Diversity Fair.”