Murders by Progressive IdeasCesar Chavez Day, World AIDs Day, May Day, and Earth Day are aggressively pushed by the campus Left. They want to “Free Tibet” (ironic since communist dictators are oppressing the citizens of Tibet) and save those who are suffering in Sudan.

However, what about remembering the hundreds of millions murdered and the millions of others who suffered under communism? What about about working to free those still suffering in Cuba, North Korea, and elsewhere? What about recognizing World Freedom Day on November 9 to bring to the campus community’s attention the struggles for freedom that still exist? That’s not gonna happen.

Since 2004, Young America’s Foundation has encouraged students to work with their schools to formally recognize Freedom Week and November 9 (the date the Berlin Wall fell), otherwise known as World Freedom Day on campus. Besides a handful of campuses, most schools have chosen to ignore the anniversary.

It has only been because of conservative activists on college campuses that World Freedom Day has been remembered at all.

You can make sure this important date for Freedom is remembered.

You can join schools in more than 25 states who are working to make sure we don’t forget the lessons lost from the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War. 

Check out for all that you can do and click here to sign up.



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