Andy Dalsin, a senior at New Prague High School in Minnesota, reported being confronted by administrators as his school took part in the ‘National Walk Out Day’ and threatened with being kicked off campus merely for having a sign that didn’t follow the anti-Second Amendment agenda being pushed.

It read: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. We all mourn together.”

The poster had support among his peers, with 50 students signing the poster to show their agreement. This fact didn’t keep an administrator from stopping Dalsin mid-walk out and attempting to take the sign from him.

The administrator told Dalsin that he had to hand over his poster or leave school property. Dalsin refused to comply with the administrator’s attempt to censor his First Amendment expression. Dalsin says he was then told by the administrator that the school police officer would arrest him.

Fearing arrest, Dalsin moved from school grounds to a sidewalk just adjacent to school property to continue his bold stand for Second Amendment freedoms until the walk out had ended.

The New Prague High School administrator’s actions demonstrate the anti-freedom groupthink that plagues high school campuses across America.

It is because of situations like these that Young America’s Foundation, and its chapter affiliate Young Americans for Freedom, announced a new initiative this week to help students advance Second Amendment freedoms among their peers.